Arceon premium plugin

This premium plugin is almost a must-have for professional builders. Simply put it is a collection of multiple building tools including Boulder Brush, the first one we will discuss. Boulder Brush is a tool that generates random boulders. First shown on an April the first as an April fools joke by the developer Arcaniax.

An important tool for people who are not the best at creating terrain, this tool might just be your savior. The Terrain Generator Tool as Arcaniax named it generates new terrain, obviously. Personally I would abuse this and avoid building terrain as much as possible since I am far from good at it.

The Asset Placer is a necessity if you often work using assets. Save, load and remove assets as you wish. Of course these are not all the tools in this timesaving bundle, more can be found on his page.

Feel like this is something for you? As mentioned before it is not a free plugin, open to anyone who wishes to use it. Which is understandable, after spending countless of hours perfecting the code it is reasonable to ask for a compensation. Best thing about it, Arcaniax made the smart choice of using Patreon, a site to collect funding for projects by users and supporters of these projects. Starting from the 15 U.S. Dollar tier or the Steel tier you get access to Arceon.

After mentioning the name of the developer 3 times some of you might already know who it is and do not need further introduction. To those for who do not know him, Arcaniax is a java developers who enjoys creating custom tools for this community. He made popular plugins such as goBrush, goPaint and Head database.

If you are interested in all of the details read his Patreon page here or join his Discord server.

Written by PandaBooty