What is The Minecraft Post?

The Minecraft Post is a website developed to bring a community together. We try to show you the creativity of the Minecraft community in all its beauty by making articles more accessible to creators. Whether you create skins, maps, servers, plugins or something else within this game you can get an article about you here!

How do I get an article?

Either we contact you asking if you would be interested in having an article or you can contact us, proposing what we do an article about. If we think your work is super cool, we will gladly write one for you!

Do I have to pay for an article?

No! Our goal is to spread creative Minecraft content and the story behind them. However it is possible that in the future you can sponsor articles or creations for advertising puproses.

Who writes the articles?

The articles are written by the Post Team, you can see them under the "Team" page. They are not professional writers but just people who love sharing the creativity in this community.

Can I join the Post Team?

Currently we are expanding our writer team. If you are interested in joining you can apply by messaging PandaBooty personally through Discord(PandaBooty#1633) or by joining our Discord server and messaging him there.

I have a suggestion to improve the website!

In our Discord server you can tell us all about your idea in a designated channel! We would love to hear your feedback on how we can improve your experience on the website.

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